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Set The Boy Free

Confession: I never got into the Smith’s. Coming of age in the Indie-80s I certainly had the opportunity. I remember seeing the import copy of Meat Is Murder (on Rough … Continue reading

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Part of my purpose for reviving this blog is keeping Facebook from eating all of my thoughts about music (which often occur in conversation) and turning them into algorithm ad-sales … Continue reading

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Inevitability, Possibility, and Rock Historiography

I’m writing about the Hawks, circa 1959-1963, specifically about a performance by the Hawks in my hometown in late 1962, and I have thoughts. One is that the liveliness of … Continue reading

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This is Not Christmas Music 2019 (Vol 16 or maybe 17) (Part 1, probably.)

Starting in 2018, my listening habits changed. I learned how to walk around outside in headphones without feeling completely clumsy/vulnerable. This maybe is why I heard lots of songs this … Continue reading

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This Is Not Christmas Music

So, for the past 15 years I’ve put together a compilation CD of music from the year past and given it to friends and family. The contents aren’t exactly either … Continue reading

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Albums 2018 pt. 1

See here for my disclaimer about any kind of “best of” list.  I’m not qualified as a writer or a listener to tell you what the best albums of the … Continue reading

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Listening Post

I have no idea what the best songs and albums of 2018 are, but I know what I like. Every year I make a CD-length compilation of songs I like … Continue reading

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Vote Yes on September 12

Source: Vote Yes on September 12

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Chuck Berry is Gone and All I Have is This List (pt. 2)

Coolerator -“You Never Can Tell”* Motorvatin’- “Maybelline” Botheration – “Too Much Monkey Business” *The internet is telling me that this isn’t a neologism, it was an actual brand of refrigerator. … Continue reading

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Chuck Berry is Gone and All I Have Is This List (pt.1)

Best/Favorites, no particular order. Just trying to get my mind around the essentials: Maybelline 30 Days Brown-Eyed Handsome Man Promised Land Come On Almost Grown No Particular Place To go … Continue reading

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