No Radio Free Lunch!

Music, etc. by Eric D. Johnson


I am an independent American Studies scholar with a Phd from the University of Iowa (2012).  I do interdisciplinary popular music studies and critical southern studies, concentrating on issues of race, region, and intertextuality.  My Dissertation is entitled Crossover Narratives: Race, Genre, and Authenticity in American Popular Music.  I also have an extensive background as a live sound and media technician and an interest in documentary media production.

My page, which has mostly graduate papers, is here.

This blog is mainly for music and media scholarship, thinking out loud about such topics, and various found sound objects and texts.  I have a couple of other wordpress blogs for school district activism and educational research.  I’m working on a page for hosting my archival and field recordings from the past three decades, under the name trial by fire productions.

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