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This Is Not Christmas Music

So, for the past 15 years I’ve put together a compilation CD of music from the year past and given it to friends and family. The contents aren’t exactly either the best songs from the year or my favorite songs of the year, but they have to be contenders for either and they have to fit together on a CD and hold up to repeated playing and represent something worth saving, songs I want people to hear so we can talk about them.

I’ve kept doing this as fewer and fewer people actually listen to CDs. And I’ll keep on doing that because I like making musically laden physical objects, even if they’re flimsy plastic discs in plastic cases that always break or get lost and are too scratched to play when you find them. But at least this year I’m putting them in paper covers. And, I’m going to post the list and graphics and playlists here in various forms.

There are actually (at least) 3 CDs this year. Adjusting to being outside with headphones/earbuds on gave me more opportunities to listen in 2018, a year when I surely needed every minute of music I could get my ears around. My daughter found some great music that I wouldn’t otherwise have heard or listened to closely. My wife remains a great editor and a great judge of what people who aren’t me are going to be intrigued by. The first disc/list more so than the rest reflects their input and ears.

This is Not Christmas Music/This is a Christmas Present: Youtube


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