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Listening Post

I have no idea what the best songs and albums of 2018 are, but I know what I like. Every year I make a CD-length compilation of songs I like … Continue reading

December 15, 2018 · 1 Comment

Vote Yes on September 12

Source: Vote Yes on September 12

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Chuck Berry is Gone and All I Have is This List (pt. 2)

Coolerator -“You Never Can Tell”* Motorvatin’- “Maybelline” Botheration – “Too Much Monkey Business” *The internet is telling me that this isn’t a neologism, it was an actual brand of refrigerator. … Continue reading

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Chuck Berry is Gone and All I Have Is This List (pt.1)

Best/Favorites, no particular order. Just trying to get my mind around the essentials: Maybelline 30 Days Brown-Eyed Handsome Man Promised Land Come On Almost Grown No Particular Place To go … Continue reading

March 19, 2017 · 2 Comments

The Coathangers Make It Right

Hey!  Just like every year, I’m here to say that I’m gonna pick this blog up and make it work!  Hey!  I mean it this time!  Hey!  I don’t have … Continue reading

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Quicknotes on Kanye, the Grammy’s and Innovative Black Pop Music as the Historical/Metaphorical Tiger

I kind of stopped paying close attention to Kanye West musically about 3 albums back, and have mixed feelings about some of his stunts, ideas, statements, and general public presentation … Continue reading

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Andy Gill on Sleater-Kinney and No Cities To Love.

More in the series of largely curatorial posts that will probably become more and more a part of this blog, absent me finding more time to write or becoming better … Continue reading

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Nice interview with Joni Mitchell in NY Magazine.  I don’t have much to say about this right off, but maybe we can get something going in comments?  Personally, I’m a … Continue reading

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Readings: Formats

Eric Weisbard, who teaches in the American Studies Department at The University of Alabama has a new book coming out, Top 40 Democracy: The Rival Mainstreams of American Music, that … Continue reading

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Preview: Jasmin Kaset and Birdcloud

I’m trying to make good on a commitment to bring this blog back to life through the revolutionary practice of blogging more often.  That’s going to mean doing things more … Continue reading

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