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Listening Post

I have no idea what the best songs and albums of 2018 are, but I know what I like. Every year I make a CD-length compilation of songs I like called This Is Not Christmas Music.  Its not not the best songs of the year, its not strictly my favorite songs of the year.  It’s a mix that works, that resonates with family and that I want to put in front of my friends.  Its stuff I think you should hear.  My wife is a great editor, and my kid is increasingly tapped into the source, so I sift through what comes my way,  put it on CDs,  make covers and hand them out.

Its going a little differently this year, and I’m going to try to write about that and host the songs from it here.  Up until this year I’ve never been comfortable walking around outside with headphones. But that’s changed and now I’m enjoying walking the dog at night with my head full of sound, meandering through this neighborhood I’ve lived in for 13 years.  This has given me back time to listen to and think about music.

I’m also lucky enough to be friends, online and IRL with smart people who listen to, think about, and write about music. I don’t have nearly the breadth of aural intake that they do, but its really nice going deeper into my own listening lately.  In the past few years, most of my museo-discourse-cogitation has gone into conversations on social media with those aforementioned smart folks.  I’m going to try to bring some of that back here.


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