No Radio Free Lunch!

Music, etc. by Eric D. Johnson

I really really want to thank you for dancing to the end.

So, there are these three videos from Janelle Monae’s new record The Electric Lady that I keep watching, over and over.  They tie into, and are the latest episodes of a long-running future history narrative arc that she’s used to connect every bit of her publicly released work.  I don’t know nearly enough about that narrative enough to explicate it, but maybe these folks can help with that. In the meantime I just want to put them up here, possibly counterpoised with some other “emotion pictures” (as they’re known in the world of Monae’s alter ego, Cindy Mayweather, the Archandroid.  Here’s the first, the scene setter:

And, as I watch that video I find myself seeing this one out of the corner of my eye:

There are some obvious nods, in the multiple roles that Janelle and Andre play, and in the twitchiness of the filming. What else?  


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