No Radio Free Lunch!

Music, etc. by Eric D. Johnson

Concrete Jungle

There was at least a solid two years in Fayetteville where it seemed like you could not go to a party or hangout or a show without hearing “Legend.” Usually on cassette, and typically turned over a couple of times. This, and the whole jambandization of reggae in general has probably led me to take bob Marley for granted, and forget that I used to hear punk and reggae as musical coefficients. Anyway, this rocked my world. if you find an hour and a half of reggae daunting (I do) start here at 20:06 with “Concrete Jungle.” and skip ahead to 33:27 for “Them Bellyful,” both deep grooved and blistering deconstructions of the real situation.


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    December 12, 2012

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